Laguna Beach Books Aids Isolated With Home Deliveries, Alley Pick-Ups


Laguna Beach Books is helping community members face the dual challenges of social distancing and finding things to do at home through home deliveries and inviting customers to drive-up and have a book dropped in their car.

“One of the few silver linings of the current crises is that it’s a time for families to be together and catch up on reading that book they’ve been meaning to finally pick up one of these days,” store owner Jane Hanauer said in a prepared statement.

People can visit the local independent bookstore at and search for books that meet their interests. They can also call 949-494-4779 or email [email protected] for recommendations.

If a book is in-stock it can be delivered the same day. If not, they can typically be delivered within two business days.

Those in need of some face-to-face interaction, at a distance, can call or email the bookstore to drive through the alley behind the store and have an employee drop the book into the car.

Parents are encouraged to call ahead and tell employees about the animals or fantastic worlds their child is interested in and appropriate titles will be selected.

Laguna Beach Books is at 1200 S. Coast Hwy has served Laguna Beach and neighboring communities for 14 years.

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