Laguna Beach Police Leads Summer Taskforce to Target Speeders, Loud Exhaust


By LB Indy Staff

Laguna Beach Police Department officers led a multi-agency operation targeting loud exhaust and modified vehicle exhaust on Saturday, June 17. This multi-agency enforcement effort is in response to safety and quality of life issues affecting residents throughout Orange County, including coastal communities from San Clemente to Seal Beach.   

Laguna Beach Police Motor Corporal Thomas Spratt. Photo/LBPD

Along with the Laguna Beach Police Department, Saturday’s enforcement included officers from Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Tustin and the Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) that saw 80 vehicles stopped for vehicle code violations. Of those 80 stopped for code violations, 69 were issued citations, which include loud or modified exhaust and six vehicles were inspected on-site for modified exhaust violations by a BAR referee.  

One driver was arrested for several outstanding warrants, and the vehicle was impounded.

“Aftermarket or custom vehicle exhausts that exceed noise limits set by law are a continual problem along the coastal communities within Orange County. Our communities are greatly affected by the nuisance of loud noise, and we will continue to work with our neighboring police agencies to address the issue,” Laguna Beach Police Chief Jeff Calvert said.

The Laguna Beach Police Department plans to continue these joint law enforcement agency speed and loud exhaust operations in Orange County over the summer.  

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  1. Excellent! Keeping tabs on how many have been stopped and cited( any way to verify their compliance?) would additional prove that this program is working.

    How ’bout every month the Indy post the numbers? A breakdown of stops/citations could also include the type of vehicle( motorbike, car, truck).

    Maybe they could catch the speeders and the ones plowing thru the crosswalks as well?


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