Laguna Stands in for Peru

Agotilio Moreno with one of his charges.
Agotilio Moreno with one of his charges.

Agotilio Moreno herded sheep while living in the high elevations of the Andes Mountains in South America. This week, he’s made a temporary home alongside 100 goats on another much lower hillside, at the end of Poplar Street in North Laguna.

Among his neighbors are Karen Redding and her husband Ed Kaufman, who   recently built a home at Poplar’s end, a perch that takes in views of pastoral Laguna Canyon and the urbanized buzz of downtown Laguna. “It was heavenly…a scene out of ‘The Sound of Music’,” said Redding, until police began training at the nearby shooting range. “Then we almost had a stampede,” she said.

The weed-devouring goats are part of the city’s efforts to clear brush prior to fire season. The herd size needed to clear local hillsides has declined in recent years due to the drought.

Expect goats to start foraging in Bluebird Canyon next week, Moreno told Redding.

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