LBHS Surf Takes Second Big Win Over Aliso Niguel


By LBHS surf coaches Scott Finn and Alisa Cairns

Scout Mitchell, Tess Booth and Mia Moore at Salt Creek on Sept. 27.

For the second week in a row, the Laguna Beach High School Surf Team had a strong showing against Aliso Niguel in a non-league scrimmage to take another win. The event was held at Salt Creek on Sept. 27. The Laguna surfers took top honors in nearly every heat of the various divisions.

Kiko and Lucas Jablon at Salt Creek on Sept. 27.

In mens shortboard, both Kiko Nelsen and Sam Nelsen were once again standout performers, impressing all with their solid surfing to win their heats. Also winning his heat was Joseph Schenk, who tore apart a good size set wave and managed a number of really good turns on his backside, finishing off nicely close to the sand. Meanwhile, Tai Diggens and Luke Hagopian also did great to finish with wins, while Holden Geary and youngsters Bastian Evans and Tate Warner all took seconds with some nice rides of their own. Tate had one of the nicest sets of the day.

Tai Diggens competes in a non-league scrimmage against Aliso Niguel at Salt Creek on Sept. 27.

The women surfers continued their roll of top finishes with outstanding surfing once again and double wins from Tess Booth in shortboard and longboard, followed by Scout Mitchell also competing successfully in both divisions taking second. Jade Howson was looking very stylish and smooth for a third in longboard, while Mia Moore did well for a fourth in shortboard.

Zac Henderson continued to dominate the longboard field coming in with a win. There was a bodyboard heat this time around and Dylan Zoller did very well to finish in second.

League competition began at Thalia on Thursday, Oct. 3. Laguna took on Dana Hills.



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