LBPD: Laguna Beach Man Arrested in Aliso Viejo Attempted Murder

Zachary James McGuinness

By Allison Jarrell | LB Indy

On Saturday, April 20, Zachary James McGuinness, 23, of Laguna Beach, was arrested and charged with attempted murder and illegal discharge of a firearm with negligence following reports of a late-night shooting, without injuries, that took place in Aliso Viejo, according to authorities.

On April 20, at about 12:30 a.m., Orange County Sheriff’s Department deputies responded to a call from a residential complex in Aliso Viejo regarding multiple people who were shot at by an unknown man in a truck.

“The suspect fired approximately three to four gunshots, but none of the subjects were hit,” LBPD Sgt. Jim Cota said.

The suspect fled the area in his truck. Witnesses described the suspect to dispatchers as a white male with black hair, wearing a gray shirt and driving an older gray Toyota truck. The weapon was described as a black, semi-automatic handgun. Responding deputies were unable to locate the vehicle in the area, but further investigation revealed the possible identity of the suspect.

“The Laguna Beach Police Department was contacted to assist in the investigation, as the suspect’s last known address was in the 31000 block of Holly Drive in Laguna Beach,” Cota said.

LBPD officers located a vehicle similar to the one described by witnesses at the Laguna address and determined the suspect had several weapons, including a gun similar to the one described, registered to him.

“While LBPD officers were surveilling the residence, the suspect exited with a gun in his hand,” Cota said. “LBPD officers were able to take the suspect into custody and bring this dangerous situation to an end without anyone being injured.”

The suspect, Zachary James McGuinness, was booked and charged with attempted murder and illegal discharge of a firearm with negligence. The investigation into the incident is ongoing.

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