LBUSD releases annual report, launches the ‘Living Library’ initiative


The Laguna Beach Unified School District (LBUSD) released its 2023 Annual Report to the Community on Feb. 16, describing the district’s educational initiatives, accomplishments and vision for the future. Adopting the theme “It Takes a Village,” the report highlights new community spaces, like the Family Resource Center and the soon-to-be-opened Laguna Beach Preschool.

The report also introduces “Framework for the Future,” which is designed to prepare students to be engaged, productive citizens through “personalized, authentic, competency-based and equitable education.” 

It also released student performance data, underscoring the LBUSD’s placement across California. 

“As we reflect on our journey with the 2023 report, it is evident how a deeply committed community has created a synergy that extends well beyond academic achievement. This ongoing collaboration enriches our students’ school experience and shapes them into leaders prepared to drive transformation across industries,” Superintendent Jason Viloria said. “It reinforces the profound impact of our united efforts, demonstrating that when we come together with a shared vision, we nurture individuals capable of making significant contributions to society and various professional fields.”

Living Library Initiative

This community-focused report summarizes LBUSD’s plan to support its students and families in line with broader educational goals.

LBUSD invites the public to share their knowledge and life stories to foster a new generation of informed learners and leaders through the Living Library initiative.

The Living Library connects students with local experts for brief sessions on Zoom or in person, designed to cultivate a love for learning and curiosity. It allows students to explore various subjects and career paths, enhancing their education with real-world perspectives and tailored interactions.

LBUSD’s 2023 Annual Report can be found at


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