Letter: Dee Perry Deserves “Woman of the Year” Title


For the last three years Dee Perry has been silenced, shamed, discredited, canceled, passed over, threatened, and financially-abused by the Laguna Beach Unified School District’s superintendent, board members and taxpayer-funded lawyers.

Her sole accomplishment has been to expose how, incompetent, mean-spirited, abusive and self-serving the LBUSD has become under this superintendent and school board’s leadership.

The Woman’s Club of Laguna Beach nomination of Dee Perry as Woman of the Year is a clear indication of what the citizens of Laguna Beach truly think of the “leadership” of the LBUSD.

The tactics of shaming, silencing and/or financially harming students, parents, or anyone that disagrees with the leadership of the LBUSD has been exposed repeatedly. Closed door secret meetings with unlimited taxpayer-funded legal spending to cover-up the abuses and poor decisions by the LBUSD can no longer be tolerated.

The citizens of Laguna Beach elected Dee Perry to represent her constituents and oversee the spending of an insane $72 million annual budget for a shrinking school district of 2,700 students; not simply to be a rubber stamp for pay raises and contract extensions for poorly performing LBUSD employees.

She has been a rock for advocating for students and parents while being abused by the leadership of the LBUSD.

Dee Perry’s award needs to be a call to action from the citizens of Laguna Beach to restore our malfunctioning school district. With a yearly budget of over $25,000 per student and over $1 million annually spent on salaries and benefits for the superintendent and three assistant superintendents we should be able to keep our students in class and our school district out of court. Oversight, transparency and accountability is needed so that parents and teachers can refocus the LBUSD’s attention back to education our students.

Sometime just standing up to bullies is what it takes. Congratulations Dee and thank you.

Kirk Langton, Laguna Beach

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