Letter: Hotel Laguna Investor Group To Host Town Hall Meeting


There was recently a spate of false repetitive information about Hotel Laguna, 14 West Hotel, and other Laguna Beach properties which are fully controlled by MOM Laguna. We are extremely confident that the legal process will validate MOM’s authority, control, ownership and actions. To date, the Superior Court of California, County of Orange has made intermediate rulings validating MOM’s position while preventing Mo Honarkar from coming within 200 feet of these hotels. The court stated MOM Laguna has “established they are authorized to manage and operate the subject properties. This includes the power to determine who can work at or enter the properties.” Documents are available on the court website.

MOM Laguna was not responsible for the unfortunate events of May 2. The city of Laguna Beach and its police department have publicly confirmed that the only instance of individuals carrying arms that day were part of Honarkar’s team. We pleaded with city management, staff, and the police department to remove wrongful trespassers whose primary goals were to shut down and interfere with business at these properties. It appeared as a rash attempt for Honarkar to gain leverage in his dispute with MOM Laguna. If certain city officials had heeded and responded to our time-sensitive requests, the situation would have never escalated to what unfolded. The MOM team has never engaged in acts proven to be unlawful or illegal. Our only goal on May 2 was to protect our staff, guests, team members and city residents. Anyone claiming otherwise is attempting to deflect fact and responsibility.

We strive to protect Laguna Beach’s residents and visitors at all of our properties and are working diligently on Hotel Laguna’s restoration. Our mission is to return the hotel to its rightful place as a symbol of the best of Laguna Beach’s heritage and legacy and to make you proud. In fact, we would love to meet the residents of Laguna Beach. Imminently, we will be hosting a town hall meeting at Hotel Laguna with food and drinks as we get to meet you face to face. At that event, we will answer any questions you have about our plans for the properties. Residents, to be added to our invite list, please email your full name and address to: [email protected].

MOM Laguna Investor Group

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  1. Who exactly is MOM Laguna Investor Group? The state has no record of this business. The other entities/shell companies are based in Newport Beach, exactly what we don’t want to become. What is your personal experience in our community? Supposed investment aside, we would like to know concrete examples of your group’s work outside of Moe.

    I am surprised the Independent does not require the name of an individual to be associated with this submitted letter, let alone a real business entity. Clara – does this mean I can hide behind a fake business when I decide to send in something?

    These letters paired with having your employees read practiced scripts during city council public comment, and paying to station a ridiculous digital banner in our downtown, already shows us you do not have Laguna’s best interests in mind. You come off disingenuous and desperate for approval. Please also have your PR person stop posting things on our neighborhood social media platform.

    One other suggestion, reconsider the handful of individuals you have recruited to spread your hate. They are representatives of Village Laguna and Laguna Residents First, two groups that share a minority voice within our resident pool, and are also using you and your funds to continue to push their own conspiracies related to Mr Honaker and our city staff. These are the same individuals that, should the courts and jury eventually rule in your favor, will stop at nothing to prevent you from continuing your projects.

  2. The sun is out in Laguna and tomorrow is the first day of summer. Looking forward to hearing this teams plan and thinking for our amazing city. Today is a good day. Cheers to all.

  3. Jim a Laguna resident sent information on your banking relationship with Mr Honarkar? Also informed others you are not a Laguna resident? They sent your home address.

    Documents that have been posted on Nextdoor have all been from the Superior Court Of California, County of Orange Justice center. They have included successful TRO’s vs. Mr Honarkar, Minute order, Preliminary Injunction vs. Mr Honarkar and subpoena that have been read by over 14,000 residents. If you take the time to read the link below you will see the court stated MOM Laguna/ MOM CA INVESTCO LLC has “established they are authorized to manage and operate the subject properties. This includes the power to determine who can work at or enter the properties.” Honarkar must stay 200 ft away. Anyone claiming otherwise is attempting to deflect fact and responsibility. As for your conspiracy theories, gees desperation is most obvious. The court has spoken. The judges words are chilling.


  4. Thank you MOM Laguna Investor Group. I’m sure the Laguna community looks forward to seeing and hearing about the plans to complete the hotel renovations and returning it to its deserved status. Added my name to the list.


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