Letter: Italian Pool a Good Choice


I would encourage both the city council and the school board to give serious consideration to using the “Italian portable pool” as its first choice amongst the other options in the LBHS reconfiguration project for the following reasons:

1. Made of stainless steel, it will have a long-term warranty.

2. It would be constructed in a factory with a controlled precision greater than if made on the site.

3. It could be made in any required shape or size and placed in or above ground.

4. Rather than being fixed forever in one place, its portability would allow it to be moved to any required space now or in the future.

5. The time required for construction and installation would be in the months, not years.

6. The interruption of school, neighborhood and traffic patterns would be minimal.

I suggest a fact-finding committee be formed from two members from each agency: council, board and Sensible Laguna. Their first charge should be to visit Soka University, look at their “Italian pool” and interview those responsible individuals. 

This portable pool has a lot to offer!

Gene Cooper, Laguna Beach 

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