Letter: Regarding Peter Blake


Recently, I wrote a courteous email to City Council opposing the signage on top of the Coast Liquor Store, (Agenda Item #14, 9/22) and as I have always done, asking politely for the City Council to address the over-development and parking issues of this project.

I got this written response from Councilman Peter Blake, verbatim:

“Now more than ever it’s time to elect Dumb and Dumber for Council 2020!!!! George and Ruben will fix everything for you and return the Village Idiots back to ruling Laguna. Right? Haha!!!”

He, I am told, has been sending similar and worse insulting responses to many others who also write to the council on civic issues. This most recent outburst towards me and Village Laguna from Mr. Blake should be publicly addressed.

It is shocking and reprehensible that Blake, an elected official, should write such childish and bullying remarks. The community needs to remind Councilman Blake that even though he was elected by his base, which is fair enough, he is now obliged to represent all of his constituents in Laguna Beach. I also want to remind our City government that they too are responsible for Blake’s behavior and he should be reprimanded for his continued offensive remarks.

As you know, for years I and many of my friends and neighbors have argued for and against different policies and decisions made by Council, always with a show of respect and appreciation for Council members, our City Manager, and city staff etc. The Council and all city staff have equally and always returned the same decent civility towards us. I am sad and ashamed we have such an intolerant and dogmatic Council member as Blake. He makes a mockery of our country’s democratic ideals and shows little respect for our form of government in Laguna Beach.

Charlotte Masarik, Laguna Beach

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  1. As expected, Village Laguna Board member Charlotte Maserik is playing the holier-than-thou, passive/aggressive hypocrite that she’s skillfully has played for decades. Charlotte neglects (intentionally) to mention that she and her fellow Luddites were planting signs throughout the town (Stop Peter Blake), posting horrendous and slanderous cartoons depicting me in the pockets of developers counting cash and writing disparaging statements alluding to me being corrupt. Does she want sympathy? This is what local politics circa 2020 in Laguna Beach look like. Is anyone wondering why there are 5 people running and all of them are political activists or incumbents? Who would want to endure this level of character assassination? The pathetic and radical political predators that make up Village Laguna and their proxy groups are losing their stranglehold over Laguna and will resort to lying, cheating, and doing anything they need to do to maintain their grip over us. Sorry Village Laguna but 50 years is long enough! Take your draconian restrictions and obstruction elsewhere. We’re taking a hard pass!. BTW, do you really think that we’re gonna fall for it and vote in George Weis and Ruben Flores (Dumb and Dumber) Seriously? You’re underestimating the new Lagunans. We’re the ones who pay the bulk of the property tax that fuels our hundred million dollar budget and we’re done with you polyester Betties and your mouthpiece on the Dais (Toni Iseman) making all of our decisions for us. Yes, we’re more than capable of moving Laguna into the future and we’ll enjoy better restaurants, a better retail experience, property rights, and we won’t look back.

    Sorry, Charlotte and Village Laguna but the days of you controlling the residents of Laguna are over!


  2. Laguna, do you long for a day when council members didn’t mimic the traits of the current president? Terms like Dumb and Dumber have no place in any discussion. Peter Blake exemplifies the worst. Shame on you.

  3. Dan, I can assure you that Laguna doesn’t “long for the day” when visionless obstructionists like you and your colleagues Gentry, Lenney, and Fitzpatrick lead our town. Thankfully, I will never “mimic the traits” that fools like you exemplify. I feel shame for those who voted a City Council into power like the one you served on.

  4. Peter Blake,

    “Dumb and Dumber” … “Polyester Betties”

    On what planet is such language from an elected official to his constituents appropriate.



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