Letter: Shame on Ralphs

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Do you know Ralphs now charges 50 cents each time a customer requests cash back? Interesting, since none of the other grocery stores in town (i.e., Pavilions, Whole Foods or Gelson’s) do it.

Generally speaking, I budget $400 a month for groceries. Considering I have been a customer for years, I’m guessing I have spent thousands of dollars at Ralphs.

I also typically ask for cash back once a week. At 50 cents per transaction, that means I’ll be paying an extra $26 this year if I continue shopping at Ralphs.

If I knew my $26 was going directly to help feed people in need, then I wouldn’t hesitate to pay the fee. So where exactly is my money going?

If it’s designed simply to help the grocery store’s bottom line, then I say shame on Ralphs.


Denny Freidenrich, Laguna Beach

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  1. Freidenrich HATES profits. He must LOVE Bernie Sanders, the flaming socialist who has never held a real job in his life. Ralphs earns a meager profit and does a truly outstanding job of serving its customers. Here’s a thought: Next time you’re walking down the aisle there, pat one of the clerks on the shoulder and thank him or her for feeding you. I have done that a couple of hundred times and they smile and appreciate it a great deal. They hear lots of complaining and moaning, like that of Freidenrich, but seldom get compliments for being the final link in our food chain. Try gratitude for a change, Denny. It will make others and you happier.


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