Local Observer Parses His Own Words


1.5 charm sidebar hano 11.47.17 AM “It Takes a Villager: Wit and Wisdom by Laguna’s Irreverent Observer,” a collection of newspaper columns written over a span of 50 years by Laguna Beach writer and activist Arnold Hano, was recently published by Laurel Press.

In the words of Dan Duling, scriptwriter for the Pageant of the Masters, “These collected scenes personalize local history and reveal not only the author’s impeccable craft but also his deeply rooted commitment to celebrating and preserving Laguna’s unique quality of life.” A number of the columns are illustrated by historical or current photographs of Laguna Beach and of Hano’s family and friends.

Hano and his wife Bonnie settled in Laguna Beach in the early 50s and became involved in local issues. Since then, they both have worked to protect Laguna’s village atmosphere, including the ban on high rise buildings and the establishment of Village Laguna, a group dedicated to preserving the town’s character.

During those years, Hano wrote over 200 newspaper columns (from which those in this collection were selected), taught writing in several local colleges, and served a stint in the Peace Corps. He is the author of 26 books, including “A Day in the Bleachers,” an account of the first game of the 1954 World Series.

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