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Riding the Problem Express

Imagine that every problem you encounter comes to you as a special delivery package from the Problem Express Railroad. This train is filled to the brim with all manner of problems, from the inconsequential to the complex.

When you are a recipient of problem cargo, there are specific unpacking and handling instructions that are highly recommended to insure that your problem stays in pristine working order for as long as possible.

There are three approved methods recommended to ensure that your problem will deliver maximum chaos and upset.

Though the three approaches are different, all three are guaranteed to keep the problem on the front-burner of your life.

No. 1: The aggressive problem-solving solution. Once the problem arrives, drop everything you are currently doing. Use all available energy at your disposal, including any other’s energy that you can enlist. Tear at the problem, rip it open and demand that it submit to your commands. This over-the-top reactive and out of control approach will go a long way to ensure your new problem will continue to produce all manner of extra and unexpected problems for as long as you stay aggressive.

No. 2: The submissive problem-solving solution. Pick out a prominent place where you can view your problem from all sides. The ideal resting place would be right in the line of traffic in and out of your life, so that you constantly trip over it, no matter what you are attempting to accomplish. Re-visit it often. Circle the problem but be careful not to get too close. Call to mind other similar problems that you have received in the past and how difficult and how much it required of you.

Invite friends in to view the size, color and texture of the problem and perhaps, they will even bring similar problems they have currently received. Think about the problem, feel about it, but surrender to the fact that this problem is simply too much to handle, so lock the door to any forward movement and adjust your life to fit the problem. Before you make any new life decisions, always consider the problem first.

No. 3: The withdrawal problem-solving solution. When the problem arrives, make believe it isn’t there. Depending on its size, there are many ways to camouflage it so that it is almost undetectable. Get real busy so that you have no time to notice it. Fill up your life with so many activities that you are never around long enough to address it properly. This works particularly well for relationship/intimacy problems.

Note: Sometimes relationship problems come equipped with audio capabilities. If you choose the withdrawal problem solution, here is a worthwhile tip. Liberally say “I love you” as you pass it by and that will silence any complaints, at least for the moment.

Are you tired of accepting problem deliveries? If so, enlist the services of the Solution Express that operates on an opposite track. The Solution train uses liberal use of the question: “Given this specific problem, what will work? This company instructs all of its customers that when you receive a problem, the best way to respond is to stop, look, listen, and then choose and continue to choose, the highest and best actions that are available from your personal storehouse of wisdom.

Susan is the author of: BEYOND INTELLECT: Journey Into the Wisdom of Your Intuitive Mind. Reach her at susanvelasquez.com

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