SchoolPower Donations Exhibited at Art Walk


Townley and DeBilzan galleries opened their exhibition spaces to include works of art donated for SchoolPower’s annual dinner dance on Jan. 29.

Featured artists include selected auction donors Brian Allan, Jacobus Baas, William DeBilzan, Jorge Fernandez, Amy Eidt Jackson, Christine Kunkel, Sherrie Larsen, Louis Longi, Lu Martin, Laurel Meister, Greg O’Loughlin, Deborah Paswaters, Marina Pavlovoch, Skip Roma,  Caleb Seimon, Dawn Spurlock, Gerard Stripling, and Annette Wimmer.

Despite suffering personal losses due to flooding, artist Louis Longi put in an appearance at last week’s Artwalk and donated a sculpture, entitled “Allure” and valued at $4000, for the event’s live auction.
Tickets at $500 per person are still available. Proceeds benefit local public schools. RSVP by visiting or call 494-6811.

Co-chairs Kristin Bunn and Kim Ressler check out Townley Gallery, displaying many pieces generously donated to support schools.

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