Monday, Oct. 20

Burglary. 1700 block of S. Coast Hwy. 12:39 p.m. Someone broke into a restaurant bar area by forcing a door and fled with $500 in alcohol.

Fraud report. 1000 block of Flamingo Rd. 4:27 p.m. A resident attempting to file his taxes learned someone else had already done so.

Traffic stop. 200 block of Laguna Ave. 8 a.m. Robert Coleman Hutcherson, 30, of Chino, stopped for a traffic violation, was found to have a suspended license and an outstanding warrant.

Tuesday, Oct 21

Traffic stop. 1200 Temple Terrace. 9:31 a.m. Adolfo Curiel Corona, 44, of Long Beach, was arrested for a suspended-license warrant.

Fraud report. 1900 block of S. Coast Hwy. 11 a.m. A stolen credit card was used to buy an $8,000 Rolex.

Indecent exposure. 1400 block of S. Coast Hwy. 10:54 p.m. Mary Patricia Taggart, 59, of Laguna Beach, consumed a $135 dinner and left without paying for it. She was charged with suspicion of burglary and held for $20,000 bail. She is currently on probation for related crimes.

Wednesday, Oct. 22

Vehicle burglary. 2000 block of S. Coast Hwy. 8:26 a.m. Brennen Kevin Joseph Ascher, 23, of Santa Ana, and Katherine Leigh Larios, 27, of Dana Point, were arrested for suspicion of heroin possession and Ascher for allegedly stealing a credit card. Bail for each was set at $20,000. A hotel clerk caught a guest rummaging through her car.

Traffic collision. Aster St. 12:52 p.m. A 59-year-old Laguna Beach pedestrian suffered minor leg injuries and rolled across the hood of a car when struck in a crosswalk just as a light turned red. The driver was a 53-year old Santa Barbara woman.

Sexual battery. 2 p.m. A woman reported that a male masseuse inappropriately touched her during a massage.

Fire. State Highway 2:39 p.m. A tire flew off a vehicle into brush and started a fire.

Traffic collision. Wesley Dr. 8:26 p.m. A 60-year-old Laguna Beach homeless man suffered complaints of pain after being struck by a driver’s side mirror when crossing Coast Highway in a crosswalk on a red light. The accident involving a 67-year-old driver, also from Laguna Beach, is under investigation but drugs or alcohol are not suspected as a factor.

Traffic stop. Solana Way. 11:36 p.m. A 38-year-old Dana Point man was cited for DUI and held for $2500 bail.

Thursday, Oct. 23

Grand theft. Blue Lagoon. 11 a.m. Two evicted tenants left the premises with $3,800 in furniture they didn’t own.

Burglary. 200 block of Highland Rd. 2:37 p.m. A lock is damaged from an attempt to get in.

Fraud. 500 block of Forest Ave. 1:23 p.m. A Cuban artist, who promised to split his commissions with two women who assisted him in gaining entrée to the U.S., returned to his homeland without sharing the profits.

Drunk driving. Glenneyre. St. 1:26 p.m. A 68-year-old Ohio man was cited for DUI and held for $2500 bail.

Battery. Ocean Front. 3:33 p.m. A person walking a dog was unharmed when a former friend hit him with a water bottle, an apparent dispute over a stolen computer.

Loud party. 600 block of S. Coast Hwy. 8:17 p.m. A 43-year-old mother who arrived home while a party was underway confronted her daughter’s boyfriend and punched him, resulting in a bloody nose. The boy’s father responded to the scene and requested a citizen’s arrest for battery.

Saturday, Oct. 25

Traffic stop. Bluebird Canyon Dr. 12:51 a.m. A 41-year-old from Las Vegas was cited for DUI and held for $2500 bail.

Traffic stop. Glenneyre St. 1:18 a.m. A 51-year-old from San Clemente was cited for DUI and held for $2500 bail.

Traffic stop. 200 block of Cleo St. 2:14 a.m. A Mission Viejo man, 23, was cited for DUI and held for $2500 bail.

Traffic stop. 500 block of Cypress Dr. 4 a.m. Paul Maxwell, 19, of New Orleans, and Chris Rene Romangalindo, 18, of San Pedro, were both arrested for alleged meth possession and held for $20,000 bail each.

Grand theft. 900 block of Gaviota Dr. 11:50. A bike valued at $4,000 disappeared sometime in the last week.

Patrol check. 20600 block of Laguna Canyon Dr. 8 p.m. Jesse Paul Patrick, 32, of Long Beach; Karen Lynn Keseloff, 40, of Laguna Beach; and Marlayna Belgarde, 26, of Laguna Beach; were all arrested for various warrants and alleged meth possession after police observed them smoking from a pipe.

Sunday, Oct. 26

Traffic stop.. 500 block of Bluebird Canyon Dr. 2:25 a.m. A 29-year-old Irvine woman was cited for DUI and held for $2500 bail.

Traffic stop. 600 block of Laguna Canyon Rd. 4 a.m. A 35-year-old Irvine woman was cited for DUI and held for $2500 bail.





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