Support for Same-Sex Nuptials Reflect Town History

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Reflecting our history of being an open society, our new mayor Bob Whalen and city council did the right thing when they joined a U.S. Supreme Court brief supporting the right of same sex couples to marry.

Internationally listed L.G.B.T friendly West Street beach always has a crowd if it’s warm, especially from Memorial Day week-end through Labor Day. Our world-class parks including the boardwalk, Heisler Park, Crescent Bay park, and Treasure Island park are popular with “gays” from around the world and our restaurants, some of which are very busy, are owned by gays.

Art galleries, wedding possibilities, our hotels, canyons and beaches should be marketed more to traveling gays and the Main Street Bar & Cabaret (formerly the Bounce) has new management and is making improvements with drag shows, dancing, entertainers and more.

We also have a new year-old Susi Q gay group that meets at our senior center the first and third Friday at 3 p.m.

With our gay residents and long history of having a gay beach, the art colony is a natural place for the L.G.B.T. community.

Roger Carter, Laguna Beach


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