The Travails of a Dog Owner

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I work in Laguna Beach and my mother is from Laguna. My grandparents still live there and I spend 75 percent of my time in your beautiful town. I work at Valinda’s Art for the Soul. I love reading about the goings on of Laguna Beach in your paper.

At the moment my boyfriend and I are going through a tough time because our dog has been diagnosed with cancer and we cannot afford all of the radiation therapy.

We would appreciate it if you could somehow include our story and our Go Fund Me web page on your website. This little extra help could possibly make this much less of a burden on my boyfriend, who got our Madelynn as a puppy when my boyfriend was 16. She has been his emotional support since long before we met. He has been through too much in his life and I want to make sure he does not have to lose anything else he cares about.

So please read and let me know if you can help me help him.

Thank you so much.

Tanner Hartsock, Irvine

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