A Gift of Beauty Returns to the Sea

After five days of painstaking work to create an intricate circular painting of boldly colored sand, Tibetan monks visiting Laguna Beach brushed their masterpiece into a gray green pile and threw the remainder into the sea on Sunday.

Percussionists Work on Their Beats

 Two of the town’s best drummers, Greg White and Congero Higgy, are offering a weekly drum workshop Tuesdays, at 7 p.m. in Color Salon, 1705 S. Coast Highway, throughout August.   Come learn African, Latin percussion and other styles, said Billy Fried, who leads a monthly...

Summer Wonderland

Editor, Among the many viewing pleasures of the fabulous holiday weekend was the extraordinary array of water sports gracing our pristine waters. Kayaks, swimmers, divers, sailboats, and that most pandemic of water sports, stand-up paddleboarding. A panoply of healthy,...