A Tale of Two Kitties

Missing Bubsy
Missing Bubsy

Indy readers provide the best chance for giving two cats a chance to live out their nine lives.

Local resident Rachel Uchizono’s Savannah cat, Bubsy, went missing last Friday, Nov. 15, around Bluebird Canyon, and she seeks the public’s help in her safe return.

The four-footed creature with the markings of a bobcat fled from a mobile vet, who pulled off her collar when trying to grab her, said Uchizono, who has canvassed the area and the Top of the World neighborhood on foot, hanging wanted fliers and calling her name. Bubsy has a bladder infection and needs medication. Readers with information about the missing cat are asked to call Uchizono at 949 929 7073 or 949 376 3420.

Thais Askenasy’s quest is the reverse, seeking the original owner of a tiny ceramic cat whose home was burned out

Fire survivor missing its owner.
Fire survivor missing its owner.

during Laguna Beach’s 1993 firestorm.

“During the fires I found this little cat while walking on Skyline Drive,” said the 45-year resident, who now feels remorse for possessing a memento that might be valued by a fire victim. “I was so heartbroken by all the horrible damage I felt the need to pick this little trinket up and bring it home. Now I would like to get it back to it’s rightful owner.”

Anyone who recognizes the cat can contact its keeper at [email protected].



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