Tree Trimming and Fire Safety

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Thank you for your comments M. Morse (“Rebuttal to Eucalyptus Critic,” Letters, Feb. 9). First I think readers should know that I have eight trees on my little lot in Laguna.  I do take the rake.  I have no eucalyptus as I would not do that to my neighbors.  My insurance company does check every year or so, the proximity of trees to my dwelling.

I am intrigued with the notion of a “charm czar” as proposed in a previous letter to the editor.  A group of 20 want to hire a person, pay half the salary while the rest pay the salary in taxes. To whom does this person report, how are they chosen, what are qualifications, any benefits (healthcare, vacation, etc.) are they allowed to snoop in city hall and report back to their bosses?

If this group has that kind of money why not create a fund by which those who cannot afford to trim their trees, etc., can get funding so that this city can once again be charming and not fear destruction when strong winds blow.

Even Ms. Iseman has asked the city to create such a fund, as she says it costs her $2,000 when she trims her trees.

I am not the only one in this town who is concerned about fire issues; just some of us are a bit more vocal.  When there is a wildfire, domestic animals don’t have a chance, along with vegetation, homes burn. Able adults helped children and those who were incapacitated to evacuate in a recent fire while first responders risked their lives to save what they could.

I say take a responsible look at what is safe and what can be made safer in our town and not just the word of groups like Village Laguna.

Ganka Brown, Laguna Beach

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