Video Inspires Underwater Awe


An educational video featuring Laguna Beach’s Marine Protected Areas was released this week by the Laguna Bluebelt Coalition, five organizations whose mission aims to protect and restore marine life.

Short, fun and informative, it features local personalities Patsee Ober, Mike Beanan and marine safety Capt. Tom Trager along with stunning photos of Laguna’s underwater marine life.

“The video captures the beauty of Laguna’s marine world and makes it easy to understand how we can best protect our tidepools and marine life,” explains Jinger Wallace, who worked with another local resident, Charlotte Masarik, on the project.

Many of Laguna’s photographers contributed to the video designed to educate residents and visitors alike about marine protections banning fishing that took affect across much of Laguna’s coastline in January 2012. The video was produced by Vasquez and Associates with funds from Marisla Foundation, Laguna Beach Community Foundation, Cox Communications and The Trust for Public Lands.  The video can be seen from the Laguna Bluebelt website at


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