Village Laguna and its Leaders Practice Transparency

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Re: the letter “Village Laguna Critic Piles On” in the July 14 edition.

The letter was filled with untruths about Johanna Felder and Village Laguna.

There are no secrets about Village Laguna, as a non-profit organization, or how they use the funds that are collected via membership and the Charm House Tour. Their mission statement is on published on their website.  Of course, Village Laguna would take a position in testimony before any committee (Heritage Committee included) in the City of Laguna Beach which affects our “village”….. it is their mission  to “…preserve, enhance and celebrate the unique village character and cultural heritage of Laguna Beach; to foster community spirit and address social needs; and to work toward restoring and protecting our ocean and coastal habitats.” Obviously, they are carrying out their mission statement when the president makes public comment during a committee meeting or at a city council meeting.

When Johanna Felder speaks, either as a private citizen of Laguna Beach or as the president of Village Laguna, she always, to my knowledge, makes that distinction known.


Vicki Borthwick, Laguna Beach

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