Weed Abatement of a Different Kind



The Laguna Beach Police have formed a special unit to tackle unlicensed pot usage.

The new unit is code named The Weed Whackers. Their most potent weapon against weed appears to be rubber bullets full of RoundUp weed killer.

So many people have been smoking pot at Main Beach the tide got high. So many folks smoke pot in the parks that the grass gets high.

I asked some of the pot smokers about their concern for getting caught. They replied “no doubt the police can nabb us.”

A local market is selling grass fed beef, but it is not medical grass. Imagine a dairy with cows smoking grass. That is an aromatic crisis!

Pot is even being used by the crocodiles in Aliso Creek. Those are CrockPots. There are also rumors of pot belly pigs in the city.

I heard Alaska legalized pot, but it is so cold they can only sell potsicles. A local coffee house now offers a new blend — -pot roast!

Please do not throw pot out of your car windows. Every body hates pot holes in the streets.

Perfume stores have been stocking the local favorite, Chanel Number 420.

Personally, if I want to get high, I use a ladder or an airplane.


Leonard Porto, Laguna Beach

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