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Sensory Overload

As a result of my work as a consultant, each week I get a sampling of the challenges others are facing here in Laguna and across the country.


The number of tragedies and near catastrophic events of late are starting to pile up like planes on a runway, waiting for permission to take off.

Our mass communication systems are so pervasive that our days are infused with information overload. When personal tragedy strikes, it stops us in our tracks. Thinking, feeling, and talking about events that we are powerless to change uses up our energy reserves.


It brings to mind an old episode of “I Love Lucy.” Ethel and Lucy work in a chocolate factory managing the conveyer belt. The chocolates start parading past at a manageable pace. Then the belt starts speeding up until the two of them are standing still while trying to handle all that is coming at them. Lucy starts shoving the candy in her mouth, her blouse, her pockets, and the assault keeps coming at a feverish pitch. Every nuance of her predicament shows on her face.


If we replaced the face that we stoically show the world with an up-close look at the state of our nervous system expressed in emotional terms, there would be a whole lot of crying, screaming, stop-the-world-I- want-to-get-off emotional meltdowns going on.


“That’s why I don’t allow any of these outside events to bother me,” says the more controlling personality, as a solution to external bombardment. “I take care of me and mine,” says the tough-hearted realist.


If only it was that simple. Closing your heart to stay unaffected and untouched has expensive consequences. Why?


Your richest source of vitality comes from acceptance of your feeling nature. Feelings are a dynamic source of energy. Feelings give us a genuine path to knowledge. We think deeply when we intensely feel. When you respect and value your feelings, you penetrate the layers of fear and conditioning that keep you from fully participating in all aspects of your life.


Rather than allowing your responses to become deadend, constricted, and fear-based, seek out your emotional intelligence to help you make discerning choices that are creative and expansive.


Susan offers local seminars on emotional intelligence and is the author of “Beyond Intellect: Journey Into the Wisdom of Your Intuitive Mind.” Contact her at www.susanvelasquez.com or (949) 494-7773.

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