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Moonlight Becomes You

By Susan McNeal Velasquez
By Susan McNeal Velasquez

The moon has been my companion the past few nights. It dapples the covers on my bed so that it casts both light and shadows, nudging me awake and then giving me a reprieve as long as I don’t disappear into a deep sleep. Apparently, it enjoys my company. I don’t mind since it is quite gentle in its approach and comes.

   We are fortunate to live in such a physically beautiful city. Laguna Beach is green and lush, with the majestic hills as a backdrop and the dynamic, vibrant ocean immediately accessible to us.

Our outer surroundings supply nourishment for creative endeavors and the pursuit of fulfilling the dream of living a quality life.

The not so obvious challenge that we each face is how to grow an internal life that matches the vibrancy and illumination that makes up our outer reality.

Are you living a desert life, when you have the real opportunity to live a more moist, lush and fruit-bearing life? This is not to say that the desert isn’t beautiful, it is just that it must work harder to survive under the rays of an often too harsh and relentlessly hot sun.

In the desert, most of what occurs goes on underground. Flowers often hoard their moisture and only bloom sparingly in the morning or late afternoon.

Many of us have lived desert lives. We are too self-contained. Our enthusiasm and exuberance, our zest for living, shows up very small on the surface, though our capacity and our longings may be enormous but kept underground.

Intuitive knowledge can move us in small, precise increments by feeding us clear pictures of what lies beneath the surface, in the unexplored regions where the deeper questions reside. What do you long for? What do you wish for now? What do you crave? What do you desire?

What is stealing your energetic brilliance, your vitality and your soulfulness? Do you know the difference between a nourishing life and a spoiled life? Are you craving freedom but refuse to take on the work, the discipline, that true freedom requires?

If you find that your life has become too brittle and dry, perhaps it is time to bring your perceptive powers to the foreground. Your intuition is silenced when you have no vision, no insight, no voice and take no action. Your life becomes stagnant when you consistently avoid the hard questions.

What are you resisting or resenting? What do you know about your present reality that you wish you didn’t know? What part of you have you allowed to be killed off or is currently dying from neglect?

Commit to the work of transforming your inner landscape. Cleanse your thinking, renew your values, build a creative fire, and cook up new ideas that will nourish and feed your ability to grow a more fulfilling inner life.

Stand solidly in the fact that you have good judgment. Given this truth, what have you found out about yourself just now? That is your intuitive soul voice speaking.

When you are willing to hear the hidden secrets that are housed in the dark, you become more adept at seeing by moonlight.

As a result, the harsher rays of the sun no longer need to hammer home your life lessons. Fulfillment blossoms as you begin to realize, after the initial discomfort of seeing within, that moonlight becomes you.


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