Calling View Preservation Advocates


My wife and I have lived in Laguna Beach for over 50 years and hope to live here longer. One of the advantages of living here is being fortunate enough to enjoy the beautiful views of our ocean and hillsides.

Unfortunately, a large part of our view has been compromised by overgrown trees in another lot. I do not think that the current city’s view preservation ordinance has enough clout in it to help my situation.

I recently attended a city council meeting and was pleasantly surprised at how many people were in attendance. When asked for a show of hands regarding their interest in preserving our unique public and private views, many hands went up.

I hope this letter will reach many of those people and any others with an interest in this topic. We already have a group that is very, very interested in the subject.

If you are interested in joining our group which is dedidcated to view preservation in Laguna, drop me a line at P.O. Box 842, Laguna Beach, Ca., 92652.

Donald Borba, Laguna Beach

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