Girding Against the Invasion



Social and economic issues make this the most important election to Laguna Beach voters in years.

Irvine is about to approve the construction of 10,000 new homes in our back yard.  In the next few years, developers intend to build 4,000 new homes in Lake Forest. Taken together, this could result in 50,000 additional people with 30,000 additional cars in our back yard. “Alien invaders” are coming to Laguna and we can’t stop them.

Our beaches, parks and roads will be stressed to the absolute limit and beyond.  “Passing thru commuters” will clog our streets causing  “sig-alert” traffic conditions almost 24/7. We residents won’t find any place on our beaches to put down our beach towels on a nice sunny day. Our police and fire departments will be taxed to the maximum.  Our city treasury is certain to be strained, if not drained (or worse, emptied) by the economic burden caused by the “alien invaders.”  Faced with potential environmental, social and economic disaster our once cherished and loved Laguna Beach could become another beach town. This is not the Laguna I want.

We need our City Council to recognize that our problems are not just view obstruction, light pollution, tree preservation, or skateboarding. The biggest of all of our problems is at our doorstep. How are we to cope with the onslaught of “alien invaders?”

We need to elect council members who will aggressively work to defend and preserve our quality of life through courageous and “out of the box” pre-planning for the consequences of the certain “alien invasion.” Otherwise, we will not have done enough to save our Laguna from becoming just another beach town.


Don Knapp, Laguna Beach

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