Kudos for Letter on the Parking Wars




Like Meg Monahan, (Council Fails to Rein in Restaurant’s Growth, Aug. 29) I live in the Woods Cove neighborhood, although on the bigger Glenneyre Street. I, too, remember when “we had a very peaceful neighborhood.” “Parked to capacity with resident cars. We all got along and worked together to sort out the parking.”

I can confirm from my walk that on Sunday (Aug. 24) employee placards were prolific.

To compound the parking and traffic congestion, my across the street neighbors threw a councilwoman’s fundraiser from 4-8 p.m. With no request or notice to me, they authorized a commercial valet to put a valet sign in my driveway and park their catering, sound system and valet cars in my and my neighbor’s parking. When I asked them to move, they told me the councilwoman and neighbor man told them it was okay and they stayed. I was advised to call the police, but wanted to be a better neighbor and just wanted it to be over. Guess I was enabling their bad behavior.

“Pitting neighbor against neighbor in a constant parking war” does not make a healthy happy neighborhood.

We are looking for some good solutions!  Suggestions?

Bobbi Cox, Laguna Beach

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