Laguna Beach FOA Foundation Now Accepting 2023 Grant Applications


The FOA Foundation is pleased to announce applications are now available for 2023 Art Grants. Nonprofit organizations with programs promoting fine arts in and about the City of Laguna Beach may apply. Grant applications are available online at and the submission deadline is February 28.

Photo Courtesy of Boys & Girls Club of Laguna Beach

“The FOA foundation is looking forward to receiving applications from the many talented organizations here in Laguna Beach,” said Kathy Jones, FOA Foundation President. “We look forward to helping fund programs that provide enrichment to our community.”
The Laguna Beach Festival of Arts Foundation (now named the FOA Foundation) was established in 1989 to preserve and promote the fine arts and all other artistic endeavors in and about the City of Laguna Beach, California. The FOA Foundation is comprised of a board of trustees who oversees and administers the program including Kathy Jones (president), John Campbell (vice president), Bob Earl (treasurer), Jacquie Moffett (secretary), Jeff Redeker (board member), Jeff Rovner (board member) and Kirsten Whalen (board member).

For more information on the grant application process, please contact Kathy Jones at [email protected].


In 1989, the Festival of Arts with a $1.5 million donation established the Laguna Beach Festival of Arts Foundation, a California nonprofit public benefit corporation, in order to guarantee annual financial support for the arts in Laguna Beach. The FOA Foundation, co-founded by John Rayment and David Young, was designed to hold these funds in a permanent endowment. The earnings and income from this endowment would be distributed annually in the form of scholarships to graduates of Laguna Beach High School and as grants to nonprofit art organizations and educational institutions in and about the city of Laguna Beach. The FOA Foundation operates independently from the Festival of Arts. In 2007, the Festival of Arts assumed the financial responsibility of the art scholarships, enabling The FOA Foundation to focus on its grant program for local non-profit art organizations.

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