Laguna Beach Police Department Welcomes New K9


K9 Cooper to help with emotional support

K9 Cooper with his handler, Community Services Officer Rosie Santana. Photo/City of Laguna Beach

Providing support and motivation comes in many forms, including a four-legged, cold-nosed pup. The Laguna Beach Police Department (LBPD) recently welcomed its newest staff member, Support Service K9 “Cooper.” His handler is Community Services Officer Rosie Santana.

K9 Cooper is a Labrador retriever and one and a half years old. His training and personality comfort those exposed to trauma, help ease the stress of victims, and witnesses feel during criminal investigations and promote employee wellness. 

“We are excited about our new Support Services K-9, Cooper. Cooper brings instant comfort and joy as he walks through the hallways of the police department and City offices,” Lt. Cornelius Ashton said. “Cooper is quickly becoming acclimated to his new role and will leave a huge impact on our citizens experiencing grief and needing emotional support. Being in Cooper’s presence is uplifting, especially when greeted by his big brown eyes and smile.”

The Laguna Beach Department will use K9 Cooper to enhance its community partnerships by providing emotional and sensory support to citizens in the community as well as providing comfort to victims and witnesses, helping victims process grief and loss, lower tension and stress of community members and staff after traumatic events, engage with the public during community events and promoting employee wellness.

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