Letter: Regarding Political Obsessions by Jean Ardell

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I generally refrain from doing anything but laughing when I read Ms. Ardell’s Left of Center column. Perhaps the oddest thing about her column this week on Political Obsessions is her obsession with thinking she is right. A little levity, Ms. Ardell, you are not right at all.

Her article to forgive the left their intellectual crimes is more of the same nonsense we have heard for 12 years from Obama to Biden from the Democratic Party.  Politically correct leftists, College educated elitists, woke definitions of class and courtesy all lead to one path: obedience to nonsense. Perhaps if she took the time to look at Democratically-controlled cities and their continued failure she might have something to add to the political world. As it is, her columns are just a worthless effort to convince herself that she and her Democratic friends are correct.

This is like listening to the rantings of the CNN and MSNBC anchors telling us they were right all along about Trump and Russia. If you think you are a political columnist, act like one. Perhaps you could tell us why illegal immigrants are all right with you, as is rioting and looting. Or, is that not woke?

Leonard Olds, Laguna Beach

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  1. Thank you Leonard. Yes, mostly laughable, but even more astonishing is they really seem to believe it. As you aptly point out, all you have to do is look at the Democrat run big cities in America. They are a wreck.


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