Letter: Thoughts on the Village Entrance

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The newly opened parking lot has been christened. When I went back to my car yesterday, I saw that apparently a parked car a few spaces beyond me had an oil leak – albeit not a big puddle, but it left a stain. Obviously, this is going to happen unless the city puts a sign that says, “Cars that leak oil cannot park here.” I don’t know of any product right now that can clean oil that is environmentally safe – are you going to assign someone to clean up after each car, or at the end of the day? Given the material used to pave, this could be an ongoing job.

By the way, if people are encouraged to walk this area, maybe a poop bag dispenser might be a good idea – did not see one – with fewer spaces for parking, maybe there won’t be as much trash in the water channel, too. More trash bins would help also.

The curves are hard to navigate – evidence tire marks on the raised curbs. Also, in areas hard to see striping – painted with maroon paint and hard to see in bright sunlight and possibly at night. I helped a senior park her car because of this. A man nearby got out of his truck and said it was obvious that the spaces are not meant for big vehicles. I also saw an ambulance trying to get into the new parking area from the City Lot next to it. He had to repositions his vehicle twice in order to navigate a “curve” between the lots.

I do recall that several years ago Toni Iseman looked over the plans during a city council meeting and suggested expanding some of the curves. I understand that Village Laguna had a big vote on much of these final decisions. Not a good idea to give pretty a priority when dealing with safety and function, as was done in this case.

Ganka Brown, Laguna Beach

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