Letter: Proud of City for Banning Flavored Vape Products

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When the City Council does something right, they need to be commended. During the last Council meeting, Council member Toni Iseman proposed banning flavored vape products in Laguna Beach. After some clear and convincing testimony from Laguna Beach High students, the Council voted to implement this ban. We note that the president is now contemplating asking the FDA to do the same. We are proud of our Council for taking this courageous stance to protect the health of our young residents.

Laguna continues to lead! You make us proud.

Johanna Felder, Laguna Beach, Village Laguna President

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  1. We should just change our name to Banning, CA! We banned fishing, skateboarding on hills, smoking, dispensaries, chain restaurants, charcoal bbqs, tiki torches, short term rentals, and one point surfing at all beaches! Is this city being run by open minded hippies or limousine liberals? Why not ban flavored beer, wine and hard alcohol it attracts teens and has been responsible for more deaths? Oh wait it’s because you use those products and enjoy the freedom of choice!


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