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Forum Defines a Super Superintendent

At the first public forum Tuesday to discuss desired qualities in a new school district superintendent, local knowledge of the community received high marks. The desired attributes were suggested by the audience of 30 community members and written on large sheets of paper posted...


Mothering Heights

The Shocking Sweetness of Soccer Mom By Christine Fugate   “What’s the big news here?” my husband asked me. “That our baby girl is going to the soccer finals?” I answered. We had just come back from the game that put our 8-year-old’s team into the Laguna Beach tournamen...


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Street Beat


Outdoor Hoarders Create Visual Blight

Editor, As I walk around many neighborhoods and talk to folks who live in them, an issue that seems to plague many comes up frequently – neighbors who hoard junk (if it isn’t junk, then why store it outside and subject it to the elements) in their yards be it the front, side or...