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Art, Surf Lovers Suffer Storm Losses

Tropical moisture from Hurricane Delores that drenched Laguna Beach over the weekend rained out the Sunday production of the Pageant of the Masters, only the third cancellation since 1933. City rain gauges at Main Beach and Top of the World estimate the storm dropped between a...

Special Olympics Torch Lights Up the Town

A relay team of more than 40 people bearing a torch lit in Athens made its way through a mile of Laguna Beach on Monday. The runners – four athletes and 37 law enforcement personnel drawn from all points — received a warm reception from Mayor Bob Whalen and police Chief...

Biking at 10,000 Feet

Laguna local Hans Rey and Austrian champion trail biker Tom Oehler explored the rough and remote Guatemalan Highlands riding trails at an elevation of 10,000 feet in January. The hut-to-hut trip took the adventurers to the homes of some previous recipients of bicycles distributed...



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‘Sunshine’ Exhibit Reveals Local Art History

Editor, On Saturday, I attended the “Orange Sunshine” art show, which was reported in your July 24th issue. The show is a documentation of a mid century, Laguna Beach art venue central to and made famous by a satellite countercultural movement. It was attended by what...

Laguna, Randomly Observed

Editor, Some random thoughts about our great town as we close out July and head into the hot season: I enjoy using the neighborhood shuttles, and wish they ran on Sundays and after 6, and not just because we are inundated with drunk drivers. Taxi vouchers are nice, but Uber is...

Job Cuts Offend a Former Customer

Editor, The $2.49 avocados are not the reason I will never shop at Haggen again. The reason is I will never again see Charlie’s big smile as he bags my groceries and helps me to my car. For 12 years, he has been a fixture at the store, as one of the people that make Laguna...