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Study Adds Fuel to Fire Safety

In natural ecosystems, fires ignite every 30 to 150 years. Yet over the last century, blazes in the Santa Ana Mountains and Laguna Coast have ignited far more frequently, devouring native plant communities faster than they can regrow and allowing fire-prone invasive species to...

Embracing Life on the Day of the Dead

Most know El Dia de Los Muertos as a celebration marked by building alters decorated with sugar skulls and colorful flowers to honor and remember the dearly departed. The tradition originated in Mexico recognizes death as a natural part of a continuum of birth, childhood and...
Posted On 31 Aug 2015

Urth Serves Up Some Un-Earthed Treasures

The grand opening party may be a month away, but Urth Caffé founder Shallom Berkman anxiously awaits welcoming back the community to kick off a new life for the craftsman bungalow at the corner of North Coast Highway and Aster Street, just north of Main Beach. “Along with the...
Posted On 30 Aug 2015



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Keeping Alive Artist Spirit and Culture

Editor, Being a family man, a resident and a music-film publisher and producer/consultant for over 40 years, it is so hard to understand why there is not a spirited drive to support and keep the arts of all types active in this great city. Yes, I know it is expensive to live...

Public Sentiment Supports Historic Preservation

Editor, Happily, I attended the cultural arts planning meeting. All of the consultants and arts commissioners were there, with eight tables and topics set up for discussions. After hearing a bit of their thoughts on the future of Laguna’s cultural arts, mainly in regards to a new...

Flood Prep Fails to Impress

Editor, I recently attended a disaster preparedness meeting for canyon residents. We were showered with hand-outs from well-meaning city staff that were mainly concerned with common sense preparations such as having a first aid kit, flashlight, bottled water etc. We learned that...