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Prowler Evades Police Search

The pilot of a police helicopter circling over Laguna Beach’s Temple Hills neighborhood Monday, Jan. 28, was assisting in an unsuccessful search for a person that acted suspiciously, police said. A white male attempting to hide against a planter in a driveway in the 1700 block of...

Tempers Soar Over Aircraft Noise

Longtime Laguna Beach resident Keri Barriga knows exactly when to expect the next audible onslaught. Beginning at 7:04 a.m., the aircraft begin to roar over her Canyon Acres Drive home every two minutes. “It’s been absolutely maddening,” said Barriga about the...

Painters Depart Museum for Canyon Venue

The Laguna Plein Air Painters Association will relocate its popular and well-respected annual painting invitational this fall to Laguna Beach’s Aliso Creek Inn, ending a 13-year collaboration with the Laguna Art Museum, the group’s president said this week. Severing the alliance...



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A Tribute to the “old Spirit” of Laguna

Editor, Just when you think the “old Spirit” of Laguna is gone… think again. I had the refreshing experience of the old Laguna coming together last Sunday (July 23) and felt compelled to share it with all Lagunanites. Part of the last remaining large grove of...

Why Hide, Anonymous?

Editor, I am a little confused about “Open Letter to Injured Skateboarder” in the July 27 edition from “Anonymous” as I thought there was a policy in place requiring: “The letter writer’s signature, (an email address will suffice) printed name, street address...

Anonymous Never Again!

Re:  “Open letter to a Skateboarder,” July 27, sent by Anonymous  Last week the Indy published a letter signed anonymously. This is unusual because this paper has a very strict rule regarding transparency and yet they bent the rule for this person. Especially so, with the ongoing...