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Scary, Scary Night

Susan Velasquez

Signs of Halloween are cropping up all over Laguna. I live in the Oak and Brook Street area of town, which becomes “Halloween Central” when the decorations are all in place.

I have to admit that for the past few years, I’ve only participated half-heartedly. I could blame it on the economy or too many surprises of the not-so-thrilling kind, but frankly, I just wasn’t willing to put out the effort.

This year, I am in the mood to play and this is certainly the town to do it in. I’ve been here long enough to remember how we all used to crowd into the Boom-Boom Room on Mountain Street after our kids finished their trick-or-treating and were tucked safely in bed, while still excitedly talking about the guts and gore they were subjected to at the neighborhood haunted house.

I need to resurrect my ‘silly.’ I have become way too serious, responsible and appropriate. Goody-goody for me, however, I think it is time for an attitude adjustment of the alter-ego kind. Too much of anything is simply too much.

So, I’ve decided to be Endora, Samantha’s mother, from the old “Bewitched” TV series. She is a mother and mother-in-law with an attitude. A red wig, over-the-top makeup and jewelry, and a sarcastic mouth seem like just the thing to push the envelope and add some fresh air to my day-to-day reality.

I’ve clearly become a California girl over the many years that I have been on the West Coast. I’ve smoothed out the rough edges but I have to admit how much a part of me loves to ride the Long Island Railroad and listen to New York mothers say things like: “Tommy, if you don’t sit down and stop messing around, I’m going to throw you off this train at the next stop.” That is a brand of mothering that is hard to find anywhere else. I guess you can take the girl out of New York but you can’t take the New York out of the girl.

I am diligently planning an attitude adjustment of the alter-ego kind. I will be over-arching my eyebrows over turquoise eye-shadowed eyes and will give myself full permission to be gleefully disdainful and blissfully unaware of anyone’s feelings the whole night long. Happy Halloween!


Susan is the author of: Beyond Intellect: Journey Into the Wisdom of Your Intuitive Mind. Find her at: http://www.susanvelasquez.com or (949) 494-7773.

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