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A Wake-up Call

By Susan McNeal Velasquez
By Susan McNeal Velasquez

If this year has taught anything, it is that relying on external circumstances to provide safety and security is a fool’s journey.

Since we are fast approaching the New Year 2018, this is a perfect time to expand your capacity to accept increased levels of personal thriving. In order to author your own life to your specifications, you must uncover, discover and own your individual, inquiring, instinctive, core self.

The door to your inner dreams and desires remains locked until you accept your own individuality. The more visible you become to yourself, the more inconsistent you will probably appear to others. Consistency creates predictability and uniformity. You appear safe for others, however unfortunately numb to self-discovery.

When you shatter your stultifying veneer of placid predictability, you give yourself a chance to ignite your passion. You claim your strength and unleash your power to change, flex and respond. You begin to blossom by becoming receptive to your inner wellspring of moment-to-moment guidance and direction.

When you choose to give your loyalty to yourself, you begin the process of becoming flexibly soul-centered rather than rigidly self-centered or other-centered.

Today is a great day to activate new levels of thriving. Your task is to identify as many avenues as possible that will help you to nourish, protect, rejuvenate and ignite a new, warm, validating and enriching core identity.

What aspects of yourself do you want to open up to and embrace to further your inner and outer journey? What aspects of yourself do you want to let go of to clear the way for new experiences of the delightful and insightful kind? Who can help you thrive? What creative people, projects and environments can you seek out, open to, and explore, to further your self-development?

By listening to your inner longings and claiming your birthright to a full partnership with your highest and best self, you can open to a new day and therefore, a new life, filled with the promise of fulfillment and the satisfaction of having your feet solidly planted on your unique path.

Susan is a local author and personal development coach. susanvelasquez.com


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