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Remember When You Took Time To…

By Susan McNeal Velasquez
By Susan McNeal Velasquez

…use your imagination to see images formed by the puffy clouds that floated by on a lazy summer’s day?

How long has it been since that kind of relaxation was a part of your experience?

The benefit of activating your positive imagination is that it will only take a few moments in real time but it can give you an energy boost that will linger in the corners of your mind for as long as you are willing to host it.

Imagine that you are lying on your back on a smooth, cushioned, lush green strip of emerald green grass on a perfectly clear summer’s day. Nothing to do, nowhere to be…simply allowing your head to be cradled and resting on your upturned hands…as you watch the cloud-show drift on by.

Can you see the images dance past your eyes as you delight in the experience of just being?

Take this moment in time to come home to inner peace and tranquility.

Notice that you may be in the habit of holding your breath, as you push, prod and pull yourself through your day rather than allowing the day to wash over you in the same way that this nature scene is flirting with you now.

This is a simple reminder that you have the ability to exquisitely experience your life, if you will gently allow yourself to settle into the present. Take this moment to catch up with yourself.

Gather all of your gifts, talents, longings, desires, responsibilities and privileges and bring them all to this moment.

Take three deep breaths, moving the air in and out of your lungs, in tune with the rhythm of the imagined floating clouds.

Be effortlessly productive today, as you let go of this experience, and re-enter into your common reality… refreshed, rejuvenated and relaxed.


Susan writes and facilitates Unleash The Power of Your Intuition seminars locally. susanvelasquez.com



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