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A Reality Check

By Susan McNeal Velasquez
By Susan McNeal Velasquez

When was the last time you had a heart to heart talk with Life? Have you included Life in your current game plan or are you expecting Life to read your mind? Have you been mumbling a litany of complaints under your breath so that Life is a bit wary of being criticized and judged by you rather than loved and respected?

Are you so moody that Life has to slow down to a crawl and tip toe around you to avoid upsetting you? Have you been ignoring Life in favor of manufacturing fantasies of how good and right you are when things are going your way and how bad and wrong you are when your idealized image of yourself is thwarted?

If any of the above resembles you, take heart. We are going to settle in and create an opportunity to include Life in our current plans and also to really listen to what Life wants us to know at this time.

What do you want from Life that you are not currently getting? What are you currently getting from Life that you don’t want?

What are you withholding from Life and what are you giving Life instead? Since Life hasn’t been giving you what you want, have you given yourself permission to hedge and withhold from Life? Be honest. Have you been taking the easy way out?

Maybe it is time to resolve to let go of withholding this important ingredient and let Life know that you are willing to step up your commitment and involvement as of today.

Let Life know that you sincerely want a new chance to deepen your partnership.

Now that you have openly and honestly communicated with Life, it is time for Life to respond back to you. Listen closely as Life begins to answer the same questions.

What I, Life, want from you that I haven’t been getting is (fill in the blank). What I, Life, am getting from you that I don’t want is (fill in the blank). What I, Life, have been withholding from you is (fill in the blank) and what I have been giving you instead is (fill in the blank).

Life has been matching your shaky participation by being less than cooperative with you also. Life will now acknowledge the new level of partnership you are establishing with Life today.

Know that as a result of your willingness to stop, listen and seek new understanding, today is the dawning of a new reality and a new level of enthusiasm for life that can take hold and begin to grow. Simply bump up the music and you will discover a little known secret about life.

Life loves to dance.


Susan is a local author and writes and produces advanced seminars on how to: Unleash the Power of Your Intuition. Contact her at: beyondintellect.com





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