Wisdom Workout: Energy Management

By Susan McNeal Velasquez

“I am so tired!” Fatigue is often the culprit behind the inability to cope with reality. Tired is a second cousin to sick. When fatigue sets in, our vibration lowers. 

Exhaustion robs the sparkle of humor from our eyes and sends out a signal, that energizing, and enjoyable interactions will not be on the menu today.

Here are some personal discoveries regarding energy management. I am sharing them with the hope that you won’t believe me, instead that you will take the time to check them out yourself. The intent is to increase your ability to accomplish what you want and be receptive, interactive and available to others.

The first suggestion is that you review your day. Look for frustrations, aggravations and disappointments that left you in a depleted mood. The intent here is to acknowledge what happened and how it truly affected you.

Next, pay attention to what activities you routinely do that give you energy. Notice what sparked your curiosity, pleasantly surprised you, gave you satisfaction, touched your heart and engaged your mind.

Looking at your days through the filter of energy drains and energy gains will increase your awareness of what is happening to you energetically each day.

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that if most of what you do daily is an energy drain with very little gains, you end up exhausted.

If your profession is as a problem solver or you are dealing with sickness and involved with others who are coping with difficulties, there is a truism that may be helpful to know.

Simply stated it is this: “Stopped people, stop other people”. When someone in your life is sick, depressed, confused, or unable to move forward for whatever reason, everyone connected to that person will be stopped.

This is tricky because we are not talking about blame or making judgments about being stopped. As a matter of fact, one of the reasons that this is difficult to grasp is that it has nothing to do with how intelligent, creative, and innovative you are or how much you want to move forward.

Stopped people stop others. A simple example on a physical level is a traffic accident. No matter how important or powerful you are, you will be stopped until the accident scene is cleared up.

This information can be extremely useful in managing yourself if you are willing to test it out.

The next time you are in a situation where you are a part of someone’s real-time upset, or a close relative or friend is physically sick, notice how your life goes on the back burner. Your life stops, and this present dilemma goes on the front burner. 

Once you realize this, you can make clear choices that will allow you to be present to the problem at hand and can set clear boundaries on the amount of time you will be stopped.

If you are caretaking someone sick, acknowledging that you are stopped will remind you of the importance of taking time off to do something that returns you to your own life once again.

One of the serious prices of our free-flowing information age is that we are constantly bombarded by information that tells us of tragedies, mishaps and threats to our survival while presenting no opportunities to solve those issues.

The ability to discern when we are empowered and when we are powerless is crucial and a deciding factor in remaining energetically vital and fully engaged in all aspects of our lives.

Susan is a local author with over three decades of experience in the Human Potential Industry. You can reach her at: beyondintellect.com.

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