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By Susan McNeal Velasquez
By Susan McNeal Velasquez

Have You Lost the Magic?

Can you remember back to an earlier time, somewhere around age 14 or 15, when great expectations lived in your imagination about what your future would hold?

Love, romance, adventure, freedom to express and to chart your own course, were all contained within this secret sense that something momentous was supposed to happen. Though innocent about the ways of the world, unskilled, unsure and without any experience, you were naturally receptive and open to the unknown.

When we were young, the unknown was our constant companion. Fast forward to the present. What is your relationship between your competence at navigating your external stability in the world and your inner intelligence that houses your hidden greatness? What is your present connection with your creative intelligence that is seeded with eternal positive expectations?

As an adolescent, the call of your creative, imaginative voice was strong and insistent, though in free form and not yet committed to external manifestations of relationships, career and the acquiring and maintaining of possessions.

As our lives unfold, subtlety is the reigning queen. Even though you are a success by world standards, is there an insistent discomfort and dis-ease lodged in your heart that surfaces when you contemplate the future?

Are you restless and irritated with your present circumstances for no apparent reason? Is it hard to please you, invite you, lead you blindfolded into new experiences or simply intrigue you enough to have you spontaneously laugh out loud?

In short, have you lost the magic? Have you misplaced the miraculous touchstone of knowing, deeply, though you have no hard evidence, that the best is yet to come?

If this strikes a cord, it is time to wake up. Now. Your current support systems may be wearing out through chronic lack of any vital signs of life emanating from your consistent, adult, deadened, boring, and genius of intellectual competence.

Let me be the first to commend you on your brilliant survival skills. They are so necessary in this changing, threatened and threatening atmosphere of domestic and global instability. Unfortunately, controlling our external environment is and has always been impossible.

Perhaps a more productive, rewarding use of the life energy allotted to us, is to break out of our consistent, cemented ways of seeing in favor of seriously and studiously courting the favors of the unknown avenues that life still holds for us.

By stripping off the skins of the known, we can begin to wade in and take a leap of faith into the rejuvenating waters of the innocent, open expectation that life holds fullness and richness for anyone willing to open, deepen and strengthen our willingness to thrive instead of merely survive.


Susan is a local author who wrote, “Beyond Intellect: Journey Into the Wisdom of Your Intuitive Mind.” Reach her at beyondintellect.com.


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