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One Summer Story

Ode to Yield When I was 17, I went to Newport Beach on a hot summer’s day with my brother.  I threw down my towel, ran straight into the ocean, dove through the surf and started to swim out. I left my brother standing on the sand, feeling a little cocky, like I was showing off. ...

Village Matters

 Changing the baby with the bathwater   Remember the days when city hall’s offices would close for lunch?  So did Laguna Lumber. I hear that Laguna Lumber would also close for two weeks in the summer to allow its employees to have a summer vacation. And of course, until Ganahl...

McWeather or Not

Summer Delight! Chalk up yet another nice week here in Dodge. Isn’t it nice having a real summer? Take yesterday, Monday, July 25, and compare it to last year, same date. Yesterday was cloud free from dawn to dusk with high temperatures approaching 80 degrees and gentle breezes...

Wisdom Workout

 Savoring Laguna   My experiences lately have brought home how privileged I feel to be a part of life in Laguna.     It started with an invitation from a special friend to watch the woman’s soccer finals. Some of my favorite women in town showed up and besides the excitement...

Taking Stock

Still Number One “Don’t worry, my government will pay for the damage.” The Defense Department always included this essential phrase in its foreign language phrase books. These were originally created before the landings in Normandy and later expanded from calming a French farmer...

Guest Column

Temporary Shelter: A Home on Wheels    Each time I’ve attempted to own a home, I’ve lost it by a natural disaster or relational tsunami. Cases in point, our family home in Texas, the early death of my father and subsequent fire; condo in California, the end of a...